A Perfect Day

This had to be one of the best days so far in what is arguably the best season here in Savannah….the sun was beaming…the breeze just strong enough to keep the bugs away….the temperature so balmy it almost felt like Hawaii after one of its soft and warm afternoon showers. Today was the perfect working environment for Farmers to work their soil and clean things up in their plots.

And the children were busy too….planting tomatoes and checking on the potatoes that are beginning to germinate. Green things grow great in soil that is well-tended and inviting!

There are more wood-framed plots this season…a tried and true device to keeping the soil level even and the dollar weed out (most of the time!). Working compost and topsoil together is hard work but the payoff is well worth the labor! (3/10/12)





Spring is ‘round the corner now!