Delayed Bethesda’s Plant Sale will be Today!

Due to the inclement weather yesterday, this event will be held today:

When: Sunday, March 4th

Time: 2 pm

Where: at Skidaway Farms

This special event is open to anyone who has a plot at Skidaway Farms

You’ll be able to purchase sets for different plants raised at Bethesda. These proceeds go towards supplementing Bethesda’s garden and farm expenses.

The Farm enjoys a warm kinship with the folks at Bethesda Academy. Reid Archer and Kerry Shay, who both run the farm there, handle all the farming and livestock in a manner that reminds one of a small family farm…like the kind we had in this country decades ago. Whenever they talk about their work, they share volumes of local wisdom about plants and harvesting…the kind of know-how that can inspire even a beginning gardener to take the plunge into the soil.

Lucky are we that Reid and Kerry have offered to visit Skidaway Farms to answer your questions and… if you’d like…to give advice on what you are doing with your individual plot. Wear your Farmer clothes…and bring something to write with…it’s going to be a master-class in farming skills! (2/25/12)