Want to Share a Plot?

Several folks have approached the Governance Committee looking for a willing partner to share the responsibilities of tending a plot at the Farm.  There are those who want nothing more than to farm veggies and herbs galore but they just don’t have the time…or the know-how.  So the Committee has created a vehicle for these prospective Farmers to contact each other to discuss sharing a plot.

Plot partners share the work…and the harvest!

Simply contact us at membership@skidawayfarms.net with your name, email and phone number and state that you are interested in finding a plot partner.  We will email you the list of interested folks so you can contact them directly.

The Committee won’t be making your decision for you but we want to facilitate your finding someone whom you can chat with about partnering for a plot.  If you have any questions, email the Committee at the address above. (3/4/12)