The Landings Club is at The Farm

Every restaurateur knows that serving locally grown produce is a sure way to attract those customers with a discerning palette.  The Chefs at the four Landings Clubs agree and decided to supplement the produce they already get from local farms with additional vegetables grown on  Skidaway Island…how much more “local” could they get!  And in the process, they are helping to support a community effort that offers the residents of Skidaway the opportunity to grow what they eat!

With the help of the Governance Committee, the Chefs hired professional organic Master Gardener, Andy Schwartz to cultivate and maintain their harvest in the four plots along Doc Charley’s Lane.  Andy has two plots of vegetable seeds already in the soil…with his eye on a harvest of radishes and lettuce within the month. He’s built his attractive maze of composted mounds wide enough to be irrigated by a drip system.

The TLC pays for the drip system and for Andy’s services.  With four plots to tend, Andy spends quite a bit of time at the Farm.  So stop by if you see him…Andy is more than willing to answer a question or two.  The Farm’s lucky to have access to his vast knowledge of gardening and organic skills.  Andy is also available for hire if you need things done in your plot or at home…after all, he is a pro!  Reach Andy at

And the next time you frequent one of the Club’s dining rooms, make sure to let them know you are a Farmer.  They need to hear we are applauding their new endeavor! (3/2/12)