TLA March Journal

A New Beginning at the Farm

With the last of the frost alerts behind them … hopefully… the Farmers of Skidaway are busy preparing their plots for the new harvest year.   And with a year of experience dealing with the soil on Skidaway and the weather in Coastal Georgia, all anticipate a more bountiful harvest come this May.

This season, all 20 Raised beds have been rented along with 143 ground-level plots.  There are 15 new Farmers on the Farm roster as well.  Membership Coordinator, Janet Waldie can be contacted at to rent one of the plots left available.  With the Farms new database system allowing much easier tracking of rental information, memberships are now accepted on a rolling renewal basis and are for one calendar year from the first date of rental.  You can visit the Farm Rules Section online to check out rental fees and other requirements at

The Children’s Program

The four plots in the Farm designated for the Children’s Program have come alive with the 15 little-farmers who have started their gardens there.  Many of these children are first-time Farmers who have already sown their seeds and are eagerly awaiting the fruits of their labor.  Coordinator, Jane Kollmann and her assistants Aletha Dunlavy, Sue Bell, Hillary Hughes and Jan Wright are having a grand time with these little Farmers…and Skidaway Farms has added yet another crop of passionate soil tenders inside its gates.  Just wait ‘till they witness their first seedling popping its head above the soil!

Organic Gardening 101 Master Class

Skidaway Farms is hosting this special program, taught by Kelly Lockamy, Master Gardener and Director of the Savannah Urban Garden Alliance (SUGA).  The participants have been busy studying soil biology…composting…seed starting techniques…handling garden pests and how to develop good compost.  Their classroom work gets put to the test in the Organic Section of the Farm where they are tending a plot for the length of the course.  Lockamy will begin the Advanced Techniques section classes starting on March 10th…you can contact her for more information at 912.644-5967 for more information.