Compost Day at the Farm

The Farm was swarming with busy-ness this past Wednesday.  The trucks had arrived from North Georgia with all that marvelous compost and Farmers who had purchased cubic yards of this black gold labored to wheelbarrow it to their plots.  It was tough work…especially early in the morning while the gray skies opened up and drizzled down on us…but with the help of many hands, the work got done and the Farm is looking spiffy!

Many thanks to the folks who helped out…especially Janet Waldie who orchestrated the entire project.  And a large “thanks” to TLA’s Paul Kurilla for lending us his staffer, Glen, and that orange backhoe…which was a gift from the heavens!

Now that it’s in, keep that compost moist…that will protect the beneficial microorganisms in it from dehydrating and dying.  Keep those critters alive and happy and then watch them help your plants grow!  It’s thrilling! (1/19/12)