Celebrating Our Second Year…

(For the TWATL)

Spring is softly tip-toeing our way again…and with that, comes the anticipation of yet another bountiful harvest at Skidaway Farms!

Farmers have been busy clearing their plots and getting things ready for all those new seeds and plants.  The compost is in the soil…the mulch is ready and waiting…excitement is swirling in the air at the Farm!

So it’s high time to lean the hoes and pitchforks against the fence and celebrate the new harvest year!

You are invited to attend our Official Opening Day at Skidaway Farms!

When:  Sunday, February 19 at 12 noon

Where:  In the Farm at the Children’s Garden

What:  Skidaway Island United Methodist Church’s Children’s Choir

The Farm will be highlighting the startup of the Children’s Garden that same weekend with a performance by the SIUMC Children’s Choir, led by Director, Justin Addington.  Many of these talented singers are participating as “Sprouts”…first-time Farmers…in the Farm’s Children Program led by Jane Kollmann.

The Farm’s Governance Committee will lead a toast to thank all those who have donated their financial support to Skidaway Farms.  The list is long indeed…but we must give front-row attention to Skidaway Audubon, Valley Crest , Inc., The Landings Association and all those who lovingly dedicated walkway signposts, benches and tables in the Farm.  The Farm would not be where it is today if not for the generosity of these folks.

It should be a wonderful day…and you are invited to join us…so come on down to the Farm…just off McWhorter Road on the way to Modena.