Solenopsis Invicta … you are NOT welcome here !

FIRE ANTS at the Farm…

There’s not a Farmer among us who wouldn’t offer several of their favorite vegetables to the Farm gods to eradicate fire ants from their plot!

Would that it was that easy.

The FDA estimates the USA spends more than $ 6 billion a year on fire ant control and crop and livestock losses!

Yes, they are useful to the environment…eating fleas and dead animals while turning the soil with their incessant tunneling. However, what they have to offer is eclipsed by the pain they cause us when attacked…THAT is not something anyone wants to ever experience if possible.

Getting rid of fire ants is a complex …on-going challenge. The key is to get whatever concoction you use down into the mound…deep enough to kill the queen…that is the ONLY way to pulverize a colony. To see our list of possible methods for killing these invaders go to our Education page for much more information.

If you are lucky enough to get rid of the ants in your life, send us your report! We’ll get it out to all the Farmers immediately.

Happy hunting! (12/8/11)