The Frost Man Cometh….

The “a.p.b.” email that was sent to all Farmers today resulted in a busy crush of folks at the Farm covering their most fragile plants to combat tonight and tomorow nights’ predicted cold snap.

Luckily, the coastal islands don’t suffer too many catastrophic frosts in the winter…while it may dip below 32° it seldom stays there long enough to crack hose pipes and the like.  However, plant life can be destroyed…so it’s always best to wrap what you want to protect from Mother Nature’s cold shoulder with frost cloth or plastic or a bed sheet or two.

Frosts aren’t all bad….some winter garden veggies…like carrots….actually taste better after they weather a frost.   Remember, certain pests are killed by a frost…think: fire ants have to dig deeper to survive the cold!

Too bad it was under such conditions….BUT… it was great to see so many of us out there this afternoon! (1/2/12)