The Children’s Garden at the Farm



The Governance Committee is pleased to announce that Landings resident, Jane Kollmann has been selected to become our Children’s Program Coordinator.  Attracted by the weather and the longer growing season, Jane and her husband, Tom moved to the Landings from Minnesota a year ago.  They tend to their two plots at the Farm as well as the Flower Garden in Section D.

Jane has been prepping the four plots that make up the Children’s garden, building a brick perimeter and covering the space with hay to winter over the soil.  She is busy preparing the curriculum that will attract and inspire children ages 6-12 years old to plant and tend to their own garden at the Farm.

The Children’s season will begin in February and run for 10 weeks.  Children and their parents will meet at the Farm on Saturday mornings and one afternoon during the week.  Look
for the announcement flyer on our website and on our bulletin board inside the Farm!  Email Jane at for more information.