Children Gardening at the Farm

(for the TLA January Journal)

Growing vegetables and flowers is a skill…much like learning how to swim or ride  a bike….once you get it under your belt, it becomes a life skill you will use more often than you plan on.  And learning about where your food comes from and how its health can keep you healthy is a valuable lesson for all our children

From the White House to Skidaway Island…kids in the garden are breaking ground and having a ball doing it!

The Children’s Program at Skidaway Farms is now taking registrations for the Spring 2012 season.

Come Grow with Us!!

  • Learn how to plant, tend and harvest vegetables and flowers of your choosing
  • Ten week season begins Saturday, February 18, 2012
  • Cost is $ 25 per child
  • Meeting times are Saturday mornings and one weekday after school

Skidaway Farms Children’s Coordinator, Jane Kollmann is inviting you and your children ages, 6-12 to join up!   You can contact her at
with any questions you may have about the program.

Bring Your Friends!

You can bring your buddies with you and sign up as a group.  Each group will tend their own plot…harvest their own food….and bring it home for supper when it’s ready!

Scout troops, Activity Clubs and other groups are encouraged to work on their merit badges and community projects by participating in the Children’s Program.  Adult Leaders can set up special projects for their group that will encourage their children to learn how growing plants can help each other and their communities.

Grand-parents are welcome too!

•Sign up your grandchild and help them learn what it takes to grow your own food!

•What a great way to spend time outdoors with the kids!

• Encourage them to meet new friends who love being outdoors!

•Show them how to get involved in a community project like Skidaway Farms!

You do not have to be a Farmer with your own plot at the Farm to register your child in the Children’s Program however Adult Guardian participation is required while your child is at the Farm.

Check out the Children’s Page on our website at
Each child will be able to have pictures of their plants and flowers posted on their own “farm page” as the ten-week season unfolds.  A fun way to let their friends see what’s happening in their plot!

Come visit the Farm…directions are on our website at the gates are open sunrise to sunset every day!