Hey there! The Hay’s Here!!

The Farm is now the owner of eight humungous bales of hay! Organized by the Governance Committee, the delivery came from an organic farm in upstate Georgia where it had been baled and then stored for the past two years. It will make great mulch for your plot and will help retain moisture for your plants. This hay has been aged and appears to be weed-free.

Hay bales are tipped and rolled off the trailer


If you’d like to purchase some of this hay, the cost is by the wagon-full:

  • Specifically the green metal-mesh pull-wagon.
    use this pull wagon to measure your hay

    The price is $ 3.00 per wagon.  This wagon is the only way to measure out the hay (the wheelbarrows are differently sized so they won’t work)

  • We measured it out and it takes 3-4 wagons full of hay to cover an empty 10×20 plot.
  • By comparison, 4/5ths of a bale of store-bought pine straw (approx. $ 3.50 each) fills the same wagon.
    almost one pine straw bale fills the wagon
  • This hay is for use at the Farm only.

You can measure out your wagons of hay then contact Janet Waldie at membership@skidawayfarms.net  to let her know how much you have purchased. Checks can be made payable to Skidaway Farms.

The Committee is relying on you to do your own measuring and your using the hay at the Farm only….PLEASE do not take bags of the hay home for other uses! The Committee will be using a lot of this hay for the Children and Flower Gardens to get things started for the spring season. And, with any luck, we’ll have enough to get us through the next year or two! (11/8/11)