We now have a BULLETIN BOARD !!!!!

The Farm had been working on getting a permanent bulletin board inside the fence for quite a while now.   And just yesterday it went up!  Right in the middle of the Farm…in Valley Crest Square!

Built strong and beautiful by Bethesda Barn Builders… it is GORGEOUS!   And it belongs to all of us Farmers…so feel free to use it to post a note to the Farm in general…or send a message to your plot neighbor…or comment on growing tomatoes this time of year.  Whatever message you want to post—please do!  (Inside the framework there are notepads and push pins and a few pens to write with.)The layout of all the plots is posted there as well…and updates from our website’s “Posts From the Farm” too!  Our thanks and a long round of applause goes out to Bo Wolf and the cadre of carpenters at Bethesda Barn Builders!  And a special nod to the Valley Crest staff for helping attach the roof over the board!  Thanks guys! (11/2/11)