Overheard in Savannah:

“There’s a FARM??!!! On SKIDAWAY?!! And your hybrid can run on …THOSE!!??”

The Farm caused quite a stir at a local tire repair shop recently.

Seems one of our Farmers was shucking her harvest of peas while waiting for new tires to be put on her car.  Seated nearby, a kindly gentleman couldn’t help but be entranced by what she was doing and inquired where she had bought such gorgeous green peas.

“Not bought.  Grown.  In my plot at Skidaway Farms”, she answered proudly.

Amazed by this news he couldn’t contain his surprise and blurted out, “There’s a FARM!?  On SKIDAWAY?!”

Brimming with pride, our Farmer then spent quite a while filling the gentleman in on Skidaway Farms and how it came to be.

When the story got back to the Governance Committee, we thought it deserved special recognition when we recounted it to you all.

So our own Donna Shea asked her very talented son, Michael…a professional artist and animator in New York city… for a rendering of this Farmer’s story.  His marvelous  artwork is posted above.  And the Farms’ Kathy Hardigan…ever the intrepid storyteller… couldn’t help but add the fictitious caption just for fun!

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!  (10/21/11)