Farmers Gathering at Delegal Dec.4th!

Seems though every time we get together, good things happen! First there was our fabulous May Supper in the Farm…then the two successful Farmers’ Gatherings…followed by that scrumptious Wine Pairing at Delegal last month!

So the Governance Committee thought we should gather everyone together one more time before the end of our first year…add a BYOB or two…then listen to what y’all are thinking about the future of the Farm.

The Date: Today, Sunday December 4th at 3:00 pm

The Place: Delegal Marina’s Sunset Room

Bring:BYOB’s are welcomed…and munchies to share if you want!

Sunset at Delegal Marina…

Many of you have a thought or two about what should be next for the Farm…

…a storage shed with Farmer lockers for gardening tools…
…another social event like the May supper…
…a pavilion in the middle of the Farm for meetings or picnics or for shade-seeking.

If you’ve got an idea you want us to bring up, email it to us at and we’ll be sure it gets discussed that night.  Everyone will have a chance to chime in…the Committee knows that there are good ideas brewing amongst you that we haven’t heard just yet…and this gathering is the perfect place to hear you out!

We’ll toss the microphone around the room so all who have a comment can be heard.

Come and listen to what’s in store for the Farm…and enjoy your personal libation while you’re at it!  How can you go wrong with all that for a Sunday afternoon in December? (11/25/11)