It’s Official!

Eggplant, peppers and okra absolutely rule the heat waves of Savannah!

Those of us Farmers who moved here from other locales have a thing or two to learn about this Savannah climate!  One thing for sure…we’ll all be planting more peppers and eggplant next spring…AND more indeterminate tomato plants.  Seems these plants withstand the heat and humidity so well that come October they are laden with new produce!


Indeterminate Tomatoes on the vine




One Farmer just trimmed her tomato plants back a bit in June….and now look at them!




Fresh arugula… one of the Farms’ best tastes!
Meanwhile, another Farmer’s arugula was ready to be picked and will be presented for dinner tonight alongside penne pasta with marinara sauce!

There is NOTHING like fresh food on the table! (10/7/11)