for the TLA Journal October 2011

Skidaway Farms Update

On September 11th, the Farmers gathered in the Farms’ “Valley Crest Square” to share their know-how from their first Savannah- summer season.  The unanimous opinion was that the heat and humidity were formidable foes to almost any kind of produce except the tenacious eggplant and its southern cousin, the okra plant.  So prolific was the eggplant harvest, that education Coordinator, Donna Shea was giving away a bagful of luscious eggplants to those in attendance!

The Farm had been bursting with activity the previous weekend with the delivery of 60 cubic yards of new compost meant to kick-start the fall season.  Wheelbarrows and shovels had been furiously put to use to spread the beautifully rich compost in plots being prepared for seedlings of radishes, tomatoes, cabbage and greens.   Organic Coordinator, Janet Waldie shared her experience with her non-composted plants versus her composted plants:  Hands down….compost not only improved the size of the plants but made them more robust as well!  All the Farmers agreed it will take a couple more seasons for the soil at Skidaway Farms to be replenished to optimum health.

A complete list of the lessons shared among the Farmers can be viewed on the Education page of the Farms website at

New Raised Beds at the Farm

Nine new Raised Bed Plots, built by Duke’s Custom Construction, were filled with compost and outfitted with drip systems for water delivery.  Dozens of volunteers put in hours of hard work to make these new plots welcoming for the new Farmer s that have joined Skidaway Farms.  If you would like to rent one of these beautiful wood-framed beds or a ground-level plot please contact the Farm at

New Irrigation System

The Greenery, Inc. has completed the updates to the overhead watering system for all Sections of the Farm.  Over 1000 feet of new pipe was installed along with modifications to the 115 new sprinkler heads.    Irrigation Coordinator, Rick Cunningham spearheaded the engineering and re-design of the system and worked closely with The Greenery on installation and testing.   Combined with a new drip irrigation system for the 20 raised beds, the updated overhead irrigation system will provide the farm with the ability to get the right amount of water to every plot, and should greatly reduce the need for special trips to the farm for hand watering.  Major thanks from the Farm are in order to the hard-working crew and management at The Greenery, Inc.!

The ladies are in their Hives!

Two bee hives now call the Farm home!  Tended by professional beekeeper, Carlton Parker, these two hives of European Honey Bees will aid the pollination of flowers and blossoms at the Farm and nearby gardens on Skidaway Island.  European Honey Bees are less aggressive than many other and will not sting unless you force them to.  The hives are in the NW corner of the Farm, tucked safely between the two deer fences.  Approach if you must from inside the Farm NOT from outside the fence!  European Honey Bees are still bees and will defend their hive if they feel threatened.  If you are allergic to bee stings you should always carry an epi-pen at the Farm…primarily for protection from other type bees as our domestic European Honey Bees are the most gentle.

Come by and visit Skidaway Farms…on McWhorter Road…open sunrise to sunset every day.