Lessons Shared Among Us Farmers…

The weather was perfect on September 11th for our second gathering at the Farm. Over 20 Farmers circled-up in Valley Crest Square to talk about all-things-farming. Tips on what fertilizers worked…what bugs ate which kind of leaf…how companion plants saved the cabbage….and the raccoon damage issues…were just some of the topics tossed around the group.

The Second Gathering at the Farm
After an hour or so, the consensus was that these meetings were wonderfully helpful – and that getting to know how folks handled their farming trials and tribulations will definitely make the fall season easier! You can see a list of comments and tips here on our Education page. Thanks to Education Coordinator, Donna Shea for this event and for the “gate prize” that was won by Jean McCrae. A good time was had by all!

Many thanks to Dotty Davis for thinking of the Farm while shopping the other day. She came home with those cool green umbrellas that are shading each of the new picnic tables at the Farm. Thank you Dotty! (9/13/2011)