Low Maintenance Summer

Buckwheat in bloom
Several Farmers have planted Buckwheat as a cover crop this summer.  You can see its small white flowers in H10 and H29-30.  It’s also growing fast and furiously in the Children’s plots in C Section as well. Buckwheat has a hardy soul…neither heat nor humidity nor clay-like soil will deter it from its intended job … the perfect crop to entice that much needed phosphorus from your soil between growing seasons.
Buckwheat’s longevity as a cover crop dates back to Colonial America…George Washington and Thomas Jefferson corresponded with each other about how well it worked on their farms! Turn it into your soil or use as mulch after it matures and enjoy your next harvest.  Of course it needs to be watered… but not overwatered…and what makes buckwheat perfect is its ability to suppress weed growth!  Now THAT is the ultimate plus! (7/22/11)