Skidaway Farming 101

A special “thank you” goes to Cleve and Tina Zipperer who shared their soil and gardening know-how with the 40 Farmers who gathered at the Farm yesterday morning…they even brought blueberry muffins!  Liquid refreshments were supplied by Donna Shea who also dialed up a slight Savannah breeze for the event!  A full list of topics covered can be viewed on the Farms’ Education web page. Check out Tina’s recommendation for Shade Cloth – so necessary for all plants until they mature enough to shade their fruit.  Or Cleve’s advice on mulch – stay away from those wood chip mulches!The Farmers were especially attracted by a trick for irritating RACCOONS that sends them on their way!  Read about that one as well on the Education web page!Thanks to Donna Shea for organizing this event….it was much appreciated and will be followed by other events in the near future.Congrats to Diane Rekart for winning the “gate-prize”! (7/9/11)