for the TLA journal – Sept 2011

A visitor to Skidaway Farms is always taken in by the tranquility of the space…full of life and growth…with Farmers diligently and quietly going about the business of working their plots.  It is a comforting…almost soothing…place to wander through.

But, behind this idyllic scene, the Farm is a hotbed of plans for building and events!

What tops the list is the Farm’s “Full Moon Wine Pairing” event at Delegal Marina’s Sunset Pavilion on October 12th!  An array of wine tastings complimented by four courses of delectable appetizers served by “Two Moon Catering” … AND dessert to boot!  Come and enjoy the rising of the full moon over Delegal Creek while indulging your palate.!

How can you miss this party!  Tickets will be sold for $50 on the Farm’s website at starting September 1st.

Another good time will be in store for the children of Skidaway Island this Fall.  Last month, several cubic yards of organic compost were added to the soil in the Children’s Garden along with a couple pounds of Buckwheat seed.  The bloom is on the wheat and precious white flowers now abound in the Children’s plots!  That will mean excellent soil for new plant growth for the Fall season and a good lesson for the kids in how important compost really is.

The Farm’s Governance Committee is looking for a Coordinator for the Children’s Garden starting this Fall.  Someone who can inspire young Farmers and show them how to grow things for the first time.  You don’t have to be a Master Gardener, but being masterful with kids is a must!  The Farm has several folks who can help with gardening tips and plant know-how but the Committee is searching for someone with that special fit for our kids at the Farm.

If you are interested or know of someone the Committee should consider, please contact Blake Caldwell at

Saws are buzzing at the Farm…
New Raised Beds are being built in Section A!  Duke’s Home Improvement has been contracted to build nine new beds like the others they built for the Farm this past year.

Duke's Home Improvement built the raised beds

Three of the new beds have already been rented so if you would like to rent a Raised Bed, contact Blake Caldwell asap!

Life is busy at the Farm!  Come on down and take a look anytime from sunrise to sunset.  Directions are on our website at