Hurrah for the Rain!

That downpour was great but we are still in a serious drought so our water pump continues to work overtime to compensate.  The SolarSync sensor on our irrigation system dictates just how long to run the pump based on the previous few days’ sun and temperature readings.  Needless-to-say, this drought has the pump running close to almost a full hour per section. 

Eight sections means eight hours of watering… start at 1 am and finish at 9 am.  We’d prefer to finish watering by 5 am – better for the plants and for those of us who like to garden first thing in the day – so we are changing the pump schedule to the following:

Sections A, B, G, H    1-5 am on even calendar dates

Sections C, D, E, F, all Raised Beds     1-5 am on odd calendar dates

This new schedule will begin Sunday morning June 19.  If you have any questions or feedback, contact the Governance Committee at (6/17/2011)