New Lane Sign at the Farm

(for the TWATL June 2011) 

Mike Shulman, owner of GrassMaster Lawn Care, Inc. is committed to giving-back to the folks who live on Skidaway Island.  His generous donation to Skidaway Farms lent itself to the naming of GrassMaster Lane as one of the walkways nestled amongst the garden plots.  Donations such as this one continue to help Skidaway Farms pay-down its construction loan debt. 

Mike started GrassMaster 15 years ago on the weekends while working as a pipe-fitter.  He now has seven fulltime crews and just purchased a new spray truck to add to his fleet of lawn-care trucks.  GrassMaster tends to landscapes and yards all over Savannah but 80% of its customers are here on Skidaway.  Mike studied horticulture and fertilizer science at the University of Georgia’s Corporate Extension program.  Now he grapples with the special challenges the present drought brings.  “We are very careful how we fertilize so that our lawns are protected from chemical-burning in this dry heat”, Mike explained.  “We want our lawns to stay healthy while we wait out the drought”.

Skidaway Farms is grateful to The Shulman family and GrassMaster for their support.  It’s help like this that has made the Farm a viable amenity to life here on Skidaway!  If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Skidaway Farms, please contact Blake Caldwell at 912.598-5365.  Visit our website at

Come on down and visit the Farm!

Skidaway Farms is on McWhorter Road going to Modena — bear left at the fork and then turn left onto the gravel drive next to the Skidaway Farms sign.  The gates are open every day from “sun up to sundown”.