Perfect Green Cabbage

 One Farmer was in the dark about the holes in his green cabbage leaves until a plot neighbor revealed the secret to her perfect, hole-free cabbage heads:    mint! 

Mint nestled around cabbage

Planted next to cabbage, mint repels those dreaded cabbage moths that just loved to bore tiny holes in an otherwise gorgeous cabbage leaf.  The concept of companion planting has been around for a long time:  radishes repel squash borers and cucumber beetles; basil enhances the taste of tomatoes; corn helps out beans and pumpkins; marigolds, geraniums and sunflowers offer all kinds of advantages in the garden. 

Onions helping strawberries

Search Google online for “companion planting” … you’ll get a host of websites that list what goes well with what and what is really good at repelling those tomato worms we all dread to find …(petunias!).  The know-how you’ll find will be worth the research time! (5/30/2011)