A Tip of the Hat!

 The Farm Officially Tips Its Hat to Valley Crest Landscape Companies!

Without Valley Crest, Skidaway Farms would not be ….at ALL!  We Farmers are enjoying our  plots only because Valley Crest Skidaway Island manager, Chris John, and his incredible staff toiled thousands of man-hours moving and tilling and hammering and digging and laying pipes and gravel and seed and hay… many of these were VOLUNTEER hours mind you!  To honor this amazing donation of time and energy, the Farms’ Governance and Development Committees voted unanimously to name the center hub of the Farm “Valley Crest Plaza”.  Chair, Blake Caldwell announced at the May Supper Event that a formal dedication ceremony will be scheduled so that Valley Crest’s Corporate Management could see for itself just how special their Plaza is to the Farm:  it was the heart of the buffet supper this past weekend! We’ll post the dedication date soon, but in the meantime, every time you walk through the central plaza, say a private “thank you” to Valley Crest.  The Farm’s relationship with the incredible staff of this company will continue into the future… but for now, we just wanted to thank them for their marvelous past effort.  A thankful bow… and a tip of the hat from all of us Farmers!  (5/18/2011)