The Soil Sifter

Two visitors to the Farm noticed a Farmer struggling while trying to sift her soil.  They stopped to chat with her and suggested using a solid framed sifter as this had worked for them.  When the Farmer said that she would have to build one for herself, the two visitors smiled, bid her good day …then went to the store…purchased supplies…and started working.  The next day, they returned to the Farm and presented that lucky Farmer with a gift – a wooden sifter!  Such kindness extraordinaire!  These two visitors remain anonymous but what they have left behind does have a name … compassion.  This little tale is a much needed re-boot for the rest of us on how deep human kindness can flow.  That Farmer was lucky to receive their gift … and the world is lucky these nameless visitors are two of its citizens!  (4/11/2011)