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Farm hosts the first graders from St. Andrew’s school.

       This November was the fourth year the  first graders from St. Andrew’s School on Whitemarsh Island toured the Farm to gather information to bring back to their own gardening projects at school.  The children garden in raised beds at school, a part of the curriculum.  Nice!  Future Gardeners. 

A big thank you to Jane Kollman and Carol Stiles for all the work they do at the garden with the children’s programs.  They are helping to establish in many a lifelong love of gardening!



Skidaway Farms Spring Festival – Sunday May 6 – Save the Date!


The 2017 Skidaway Farms Spring Festival

Come join us for an evening of great food and fun and show your support for Skidaway Farms

Dinner in the garden at Skidaway Farms

Sunday May 7th, 4:30-7pm

The menu will be designed and managed by our two favorite Farmer/Chefs,

Tom Rosen and Joe Tyson

Bring Your Own Beverages (water will be provided)

Seating is limited to 125, so get your tickets now. To purchase, just click the “Register Now” button (top right or bottom left).

The price of your tickets will be a tax deductible contribution to support farm educational projects. We will celebrate our spring /summer gardens and look for another successful garden season. 

Click Here To Sign Up Online!



September Tips from Farmer Jane:

1) continue to clear your plots from debris and weeds
2) add compost, manure, or fertilizer of your choice, your garden soil is ” hungry ” after the long season!
3) feed your eggplant, okra and peppers if you want them to reward you until frost
4) continue to be aware of fire ants and other pests that may have set up housekeeping in your garden.

It’s time to plant!😃

Anytime now you may get the fall garden started. I prefer to wait until the weather has moderated, usually the third or fourth week in September and after. Planting now will require extra TLC, especially watering! Now is the time to seed some green beans if you would like a fall crop. An especially nice variety is the Blue Lake pole bean, available in bulk at Hester and Zipperer. Yummo!

What to plant:

Lettuce, arugula, spinach, kale,collards, radishes, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beets
Carrots, onions, parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, snow peas, brussel sprouts , potatoes

Happy gardening!

Fall is our kinder, gentler season!