Farm Annual Meeting Minutes 6/13/18

  Present: J Kollmann, M Welsh, C Adler, M Kahn, B Rogers
                  Absent: J Tyson, M Hughes

1) Slate of candidates proposed for Board vote are:
Monica Hughes, Bob Rogers, Linda Dillard
Motion to accept slate of candidates per M Welsh, second per M Kahn,  unanimously approved per board and attending farmers. Due to inclement weather and low Farmer turnout at the meeting an online vote will be set up per R Cunningham.

2) Approval of new Officers on the board to be deferred until next meeting, 7/11/18, pending the voting and decision of the nominating committee.  Motion to do so per C Adler, second per M Welsh.

3)  a. Budget approval per motion C Adler, 2nd per M Welsh, unanimously approved. After discussion, motion to amend budget per C Adler, to include $800 in donations to Children’s Garden and bring bottom line to $3,600,second perJ Kollmann.

  b.  Motion per C Adler to move budget surplus to Asset Replacement Account, second per M Welsh, unanimously approved per board.

  c.  Discussion to add monies in budget for a weather station pending funding sources for WiFi connection and equipment.

4) Irrigation update per R Hinz: hose bibs are aging as pvc is becoming more brittle causing an increase in number of leaks.  Ralph will obtain estimate cost to replace the aging hose bibs.  

5)  Electric fence has been operating properly and is at full power.  Ralph replaced the aging box that housed the fence timer unit.

6)  Final profit from Spring Festival:  $1,483.73
Current Checking Account Balance: $19,025.01
Current Asset Replacement Account Balance: $16,269.48

7) Welcome Linda Dillard who has offered to serve on the board.  She will will be on the slate for the upcoming vote/election.

8) Weeds are bountiful!  Keep on weeding!

Motion to adjourn per M Kahn, second per J Kollmann

Next meeting 7/11/18 5pm @ the Farm

Minutes approved by J Kollman, M Welch, C Adler

Annual Meeting Thursday, June 13th, 2018

Skidaway Farm’s 2018 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 13th at 5 pm at the Farm.  The farm’s annual budget will be presented and voted on by the Board of Directors and nominations will be presented for board positions.  Currently there are seven board members and three of those positions  expire this year: Mike Welsh, Monica Hughes and Bob Rogers.  Nominations will be accepted from the floor and farmers will vote for a new Board at the annual meeting.  Please come and participate in this process.  All farmers are encouraged to attend.

Skidaway Farms Board Meeting Minutes

      Farm Board Meeting Minutes May 2, 2018

Present: M Welsh, J Kollmann, C Adler, M Hughes, J Tyson,

M Kahn, B Rogers, R Hinz

1)  Festival setup details complete, work party for table/chair setup and flower arranging set for 10:00 Sunday morning. Monica will send blast to farmers.

2) Farm purchases, per Ralph: new waterproof controller box needed for electric fence controller. Also a tool for determining where the breech is in electric fence.  This tool will streamline the process.  Both purchases run around $100 each and Board approval received.  

3) Blueberry bushes:  has been noted that several farmers have blueberry bushes in their plots.. will monitor growth, placement and potential effect on surrounding plots.

4) Budget will be announced at next meeting which will be Annual Meeting. Current balances: Checking: $17,165 , Asset Replacement: $16,274

5) Tax return for farm filed per C Adler. Discussed keeping copies of payment checks for records. Login info for bank account given to M Welsh, J Kollmann, C Adler in addition to B Rogers

6) Overhead irrigation:  noted that some farmers have dry areas in plots.  Discussion notes that sprinkler heads were for turf irrigation and therefore not the ideal head for plots.  Farmers need to monitor especially with new plantings.

7) Annual Meeting to be held 6/13 at 5:00 PM at the farm.  Monica will send notice blast to farmers.

Motion to adjourn per J Kollmann, second per C Adler

Farm Board Meeting Minutes April 4, 2018


Board Meeting Minutes September 19, 2018

Present: M Kahn, J Kollmann, M Hughes, R Hinz, J Tyson, C Adler, L Dillard

1)  Finance report per B Rogers, outgoing Treasurer:
    Checking Account: $ 11,836.19,  Asset Replacement Account:                            $19,286.29
A) motion per J Kollmann to install L Dillard as new Treasurer, second per C Adler,
Unanimously approved.

B) motion per M Hughes to install M Kahn as Board President, second per J Kollmann
Unanimously approved.

2) Welcome to our two new bee hives! Hopefully they will stay healthy and our crops will do well with their presence.

3) Weather station for the farm has been approved by Skidaway Audubon.  They will fund installation and operating  costs.  This will be installed by R Hinz.

4)  Pathways are in need of new  pine straw, a cost of around $500 approved per the Board and a work party will be scheduled for mid to late October for distribution on the pathways.

5)  Work party set for Saturday, 9/22, 8-11.  Discussion ensued to look at finances and increase maintenance budget to have more of the cleanup work done by the team that currently takes care of mowing, weed control on pathways and plot clearing as needed.

6) Ralph to have some signs made for fence line to remind farmers not to throw debris over the fence as the debris gets caught on the electric fence wire causing it to short out.  

7) Ralph reports tractor needing repair, new seat installed, and fuel pump is on order.

8) Discussion to update Data Base and Farm Map.  C Adler to email Blake and Rick to meet with the Board to accomplish this.  

Motion to adjourn per J Kollmann, second per M Kahn

Next meeting, 10/10, 5pm @ the Farm

Farm Board Meeting Minutes, March 7, 2018


Present:  M Welsh,  J Kollmann,  C Adler,  B Rogers,  M Hughes,        M Kahn, R Hinz
Absent:  J Tyson

  1. Financial Report per B Rogers: plot renewals continue to be posted.   Bob will gather information for the approval of the budget for our April Board meeting.
    Checking Account: $12,681.71 , Asset Replacement Account: $16,269.48

2.  Eight new farmers have signed on since the first of the year.        Plans to enclose a few more plots with lumber discussed.

3.  All irrigation controllers on raised beds reinstalled after frosty weather has passed.  Several replaced and repairs done as needed.  Discussion ensued about how to go forward with maintenance of the controllers on the raised beds, ie farmer responsible or Ralph to maintain for a fee.  Cathy will draft a letter to all raised bed farmers to be sent after Board approval.

4.  Spring Festival set for May 6, rain date: May 8.  Joe and Tom will put together a group to take care of food as the Club will not be able to do this year.  Will gather a group of volunteers to take care of desserts. Ticket prices will increase to cover food costs.  Individual: $25, Couples: $50, Family: $65

5.  Work party at the farm set for April 7, Monica will blast as time gets closer.

Next meeting: April 4, 5 PM @ the farm

Motion to adjourn JK,  second, MW

Board Meeting Minutes February 1, 2018

Present: M Welsh, J Kollmann, M Hughes, M Kahn, B Rogers,
Absent: C Adler, J Tyson

1) Finance report per B Rogers, checking acct: $10,061.01, asset replacement acct.:
$16,269.48. Plot renewal funds continue to come in.

2) Weather station information presented per R Cunningham. Discussion per Board present, will wait with final decision when entire board present.

3) Lumber has been delivered for B plot enclosures as well as lumber for redesign of children’s individual gardens…total cost:$233.96.

4) Work party 2/3 for plot enclosure. Spring cleanup to be scheduled next meeting.

5) Spring Festival slated for 5/6, final okay to be verified with T Rosen. Tickets prices discussed, final decision to come when full Board present. Monica to post save the date for Festival after verification as well as an out of town notification to perspective farmers for the end of February.

6) Work party for spring cleanup to be scheduled in March.

7) Rotary Fun Date, 5/2. Discussion whether  to participate.  Final decision next meeting when complete Board present.

8) Available plot update: currently 20 available, though some need further solarization.
2 new farmers so far this year.

9) Irrigation update per R Hinz: one frozen overhead irrigation pipe repaired, may have to look into option that drains these pipes in sustained freezing weather to prevent further occurrences. Cost price will be researched.

Next meeting 3/7/18

Motion to adjourn per J Kollmann, second per M Welsh

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