Board Meeting Minutes February 1, 2018

Present: M Welsh, J Kollmann, M Hughes, M Kahn, B Rogers,
Absent: C Adler, J Tyson

1) Finance report per B Rogers, checking acct: $10,061.01, asset replacement acct.:
$16,269.48. Plot renewal funds continue to come in.

2) Weather station information presented per R Cunningham. Discussion per Board present, will wait with final decision when entire board present.

3) Lumber has been delivered for B plot enclosures as well as lumber for redesign of children’s individual gardens…total cost:$233.96.

4) Work party 2/3 for plot enclosure. Spring cleanup to be scheduled next meeting.

5) Spring Festival slated for 5/6, final okay to be verified with T Rosen. Tickets prices discussed, final decision to come when full Board present. Monica to post save the date for Festival after verification as well as an out of town notification to perspective farmers for the end of February.

6) Work party for spring cleanup to be scheduled in March.

7) Rotary Fun Date, 5/2. Discussion whether  to participate.  Final decision next meeting when complete Board present.

8) Available plot update: currently 20 available, though some need further solarization.
2 new farmers so far this year.

9) Irrigation update per R Hinz: one frozen overhead irrigation pipe repaired, may have to look into option that drains these pipes in sustained freezing weather to prevent further occurrences. Cost price will be researched.

Next meeting 3/7/18

Motion to adjourn per J Kollmann, second per M Welsh

Board Meeting Minutes: January 17, 2018

Present:  J. Kollmann, B. Rogers, C. Adler, J. Tyson, M. Hughes, 

M. Kahn, R. Hinz,  Absent: M. Welsh

 1) Financial report per B.Rogers, $11,263.88 in checking account,    $13,938.53 in asset replacement account.
 Motion made per C.Adler to move  $5,000 from checking account to asset replacement account.  Second per J.Kollmann, unanimously approved by all.

 2) Spring Festival: date set for May 6th, 2018. Joe will speak to T Rosen to verify with Club/Chefs that date is ok.  Discussed increasing the ticket prices as it is a farm fundraiser.  After February meeting Monica will send a “save the date” blast to all farmers for the Festival.
 Skidaway Audubon is funding/donating weather stations throughout the Landings, including the farm. The statistics will be tracked through The Weather Underground.
 Monica will purchase a soil temperature thermometer for the farm and will be mounted in the Pavilion for all farmers to use.

 3) Board approved the Farms donation of $200 to be a hole sponsor at the upcoming Audubon Golf Tournament.

 4) Board approved the purchase of lumber for rebuilding the individual plots of the Children’s Garden. A farmer has volunteered to assist with the construction.

 5) Irrigation update per R.Hinz: irrigation controller seems to loose memory when irrigation is turned off and back on, will change the battery and monitor. The pump will remain off until Saturday when the weather is to moderate.
 Electric fence update: west side of fence at starting left of main gate isn’t functioning properly, probable replacement of bottom wire will be necessary, will need to look into finding an Electrician for the work.
 Deer Fence update: has been noted there are a number of warped, broken boards in Fence that will need to be addressed. The Board will do a walk around at the farm to determine repair needs.

 6) Board approved purchase of lumber to enclose 2 plots in section B to improve the “curb appeal” as folks enter the farm. C. Adler will check with her contact at Guerry Lumber to obtain a discounted price for lumber supplies for both this project and the Children’s Garden project. Work party will gather on 2/3 to install lumber surrounding the two plots to ready for rental.

 Next meeting Feb.1, 5pm at Club Offices

 Motion to adjourn per J. Kollmann, second per C. Adler

Saint Andrews School visits the Farm

       This November was the fourth year the  first graders from St. Andrew’s School on Whitemarsh Island toured the Farm to gather information to bring back to their own gardening projects at school.  The children garden in raised beds at school, a part of the curriculum.  Nice!  Future Gardeners. 

A big thank you to Jane Kollman and Carol Stiles for all the work they do at the garden with the children’s programs.  They are helping to establish in many a lifelong love of gardening!



Skidaway Farms Board Meeting Minutes 11/8/2017

Present: M. Welsh, J. Kollmann, J. Tyson, M. Hughes, B. Rogers,     M.Hughes, R. Hinz

1) Treasurer Report: checking account : $14,930.67

       Asset replacement account: $11,263.88.

      New computer and Quick Books program purchased for $550                   

2) Wet area between raised beds discussed.
      a) soil cloth to be removed, Ralph will cap an outer irrigation line   to see if things improve.  A French drain may need to be installed to assist with drainage in the area. An estimate will be obtained for the addition of 200 square feet of stone potentially to be applied to the area.
    b) overhead irrigation is up and running in the Organic Section.

3) The Landings Garden Club will host a propagation workshop in the Pavilion on 11/9

4) St Andrews first grade class to visit the farm on 11/13 for their annual field trip; this includes a discovery tour, an assignment and concludes with a picnic lunch in the Pavilion.

Motion to adjourn per J Kollmann, second per M. Kahn

Next meeting 12/12/7,  5:00 @ Landings Club Office

Skidaway Farms Board Meeting 10/4/2017

Present: M Welsh, J Kollmann, M Hughes, C Adler, J Tyson, B Rogers, R Hinz, M Hahn

1) Financial Report per B Rogers: Operating : $15,038.72, Reserve: $11,263.88
Bob also reports our donated computer is on its last leg. Authorization for new computer approved, motion per C Adler, second per J Kollmann, approved by all.
After research and discussion with Geek Squad at Best Buy, was determined pkg for computer and install of updated Quick Books cost would be around $500. Bob will discuss with R Cunningham how best to backup farm data.

2) Swamplike area by raised beds in section A needs to be resolved, improved as farmers in that area are discouraged with the mud. After discussion, it was determined per R Hinz’s suggestion to get a load of stone to build the area up. Motion made per M Hahn,second per C Adler to get a load of stone for the area, approved by all. Ralph will research cost and get back to the board.

3)Organic farmers requesting to go to overhead watering. Ralph has been working on details to get the section up and running, however, upon locating the box and noting some disconnected wires is unable to get the section to run. Ralph doesn’t have the equipment to determine the problem so an irrigation fella has been called to work the problem.

4) Discussion re the need for farmer work parties to spruce up the farm, will schedule one during the week and one on a weekend to capture more help, dates to be determined .

Motion to adjourn per M Hahn, second per C Adler

Next meeting : 11/8 @ 5 pm @ the farm

Weeds, Weeds and More Weeds.

In Georgia, our weeds are persistent growers year round.  When we clear our plots for the summer though, or between seasons when our veggies are not growing, weeds spread, multiply and celebrate!  That’s one of the reasons to plant a cover crop or spread some helpful mulch to the soil.  One of our farmers sent me photos of some of the rascals that are common in our gardens and need to be pulled before their  spreading roots take over.    So be vigilant, stay on top of the weeds and when you see one, pull three!

Summertime Garden Tips

Summertime tips for garden success:

Be vigilant, the army worms and other pests are about!
They can be treated with BT available at Hester and Zipperer, or Captain Jacks Bug Juice available at Herb Creek. Both need to be reapplied after rain/ watering.  Neem oil is a good organic alternative.

To those who have sweet corn, the first farmer has been robbed by the squirrels! If your corn looks ready, pick it otherwise the squirrels will!

As always, keep your garden free of weeds and diseased debris, this can be a breeding ground for pests and more disease.

Lastly, feed your plants as needed. Frequent watering causes the nutrients to leech through the soil.

Farmer Jane


Growing Sustainable Gardens And Community