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Farm hosts the first graders from St. Andrew’s school.

       This November was the fourth year the  first graders from St. Andrew’s School on Whitemarsh Island toured the Farm to gather information to bring back to their own gardening projects at school.  The children garden in raised beds at school, a part of the curriculum.  Nice!  Future Gardeners. 

A big thank you to Jane Kollman and Carol Stiles for all the work they do at the garden with the children’s programs.  They are helping to establish in many a lifelong love of gardening!



Summertime Garden Tips

Summertime tips for garden success:

Be vigilant, the army worms and other pests are about!
They can be treated with BT available at Hester and Zipperer, or Captain Jacks Bug Juice available at Herb Creek. Both need to be reapplied after rain/ watering.  Neem oil is a good organic alternative.

To those who have sweet corn, the first farmer has been robbed by the squirrels! If your corn looks ready, pick it otherwise the squirrels will!

As always, keep your garden free of weeds and diseased debris, this can be a breeding ground for pests and more disease.

Lastly, feed your plants as needed. Frequent watering causes the nutrients to leech through the soil.

Farmer Jane


Landings New Neighbors At The Farm

Pano Dr RaRa

The Farm hosted a tour of New Neighbors of The Landings on October 14. Twenty-two people heard a talk about honey bees by Barbara “Dr. RaRa” Philips and then toured the farm with Jane Kollmann and Mike Welsh. The weather was wonderful and everyone had a good time learning about bees and honey and about the features of the Farm.

Farm tour (8 of 11)v1 Farm tour (9 of 11)v1 Farm tour (6 of 11)v1 Farm tour (7 of 11)v1Farm tour (5 of 11)v1