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Farm hosts the first graders from St. Andrew’s school.

       This November was the fourth year the  first graders from St. Andrew’s School on Whitemarsh Island toured the Farm to gather information to bring back to their own gardening projects at school.  The children garden in raised beds at school, a part of the curriculum.  Nice!  Future Gardeners. 

A big thank you to Jane Kollman and Carol Stiles for all the work they do at the garden with the children’s programs.  They are helping to establish in many a lifelong love of gardening!



Gardening Tips for Spring

Help is at hand!

Education Coordinators Jane Kollmann and Joe Tyson have put together a list of tips that will make gardening at the Farm more successful for you.  Check out their list under the “Education” tab , “Spring Gardening Tips.”

And if you have a question, they can be reached at the phone numbers at the end of their list.

The Raised Beds
The Raised Beds

Transition Committee Installs Board of Representatives

Farmers, the new Board of Representatives met with the Transitional Committee on January 30. Minutes of that meeting – and all future meetings- can be accessed on this website under the tab “Documents”.

BOR members:

Section A – Cathy Adler 272-7888     

Section B – Carl Luecke 349-0340      

Section C – Joe DiCicco 598-8962          

Section D – Mike Welsh 660-9469         

Section E – Jay Spencer 598-9586           

Section F – Bill Holden 598-8338        

Section G – Susan Johnson 598-2879        

Section H – Bettina Huffman 335-2099       

Section R – Jane Kollmann 349-1395         

Skidaway Audubon Liaison – George Word 598-0189          


Beginning our 3rd Year!

(for the TLA February Journal)…

The Farm’s come a long way since that cool day in February 2011 when the gates first swung open for that inaugural crowd of eager Farmers who had waited patiently to claim their plots. We went from this:

Top soil had to be trucked in…


…to make the acreage look like this…


To this:

Early January 2013
The Raised Beds

 What a transformation!
It’s true the Farm has grown up…literally…as the Farmers have learned what our Skidaway climate will tolerate…and what plants flourish even in the humid air of a Savannah summer! Peppers, okra and eggplant grow…we now know…no matter what you do to them! And, yes, tomatoes DO thrive here on Skidaway Island…different from what some of us recall from our previous gardens in other climes…but tomatoes none-the-less! Wise are those Farmers who learned what challenges to lay to rest!
Spring 2013 in Skidaway Farms
The current season is already more promising than last year. The Governance Committee is proud to report a recent flurry of new Farmer signups that will help fill the ranks of the returning Farmers, many of whom have been gardening since the first season in 2011. With several ground-level plots and a few raised beds available for rent, there is still time and room for more of you who have been thinking about joining the Farm. Fees are posted on the Farm’s website at For further information, contact the Farm’s Membership Coordinator at
The design for the Skidaway Audubon Pavilion is complete and construction is scheduled to commence in April. With a robust fundraising drive underway, this amazing structure is guaranteed to make just being at the Farm an even more pleasant experience! The Farm’s Children’s Program continues to flourish with all of our present young Farmers returning for another season of gardening know-how… and fun… starting in March! Contact Coordinator, Jane Kollmann to sign up your youngster at Flower beds are being planted, walkways are being re-covered with pine straw and gravel and fence gates are being improved… things continue to happen at Skidaway Farms!
Come join us at the Farm! Directions can be found on the website… and the gates are open 7:00am-sunset.

The Farm’s Tribute to Skidaway Audubon

(for the TLA Dec. Journal)

From its inception, Skidaway Farms has been very lucky to be under the guiding umbrella of the Skidaway Audubon Society. Indeed, many of the folks who volunteered their time and effort on the original Farm’s Development Committee were members of Skidaway Audubon. So Skidaway Farms owes its very existence to its parent-organization and because of that, has decided to name the pavilion to be constructed in the Farm “The Skidaway Audubon Pavilion”.
The Farm is also very lucky to have a close rapport with our region’s affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. Habitat’s local Executive Director, Virginia Brown, a Landings resident and Skidaway Farmer, has been working with Farm Chair, Blake Caldwell for many months of the plan needed to construct the pavilion. While Habitat for Humanity’s primary mission is to support those in need of primary shelter, it also has downtime where their crews can volunteer for other local projects. In our region, many of these volunteers not only live at the Landings but are Farmers on Skidaway! These folks have graciously penciled into their schedules the Farm’s project to build our Skidaway Audubon Pavilion!
The project was to begin in January, however Habitat has been called on by the city of Savannah to complete construction on a home for a very needy family by March of 2013. The Farm’s Governance Committee recognizes the importance of such an effort and has gladly put the pavilion work on hold until a later date.
In the meantime, our fundraising drive for the Skidaway Audubon Pavilion will continue so that the costs of the building supplies will be covered when construction begins. Donations can be made during this tax year if received by December 31st. All contributions will be permanently noted by donor and category on a plaque within the pavilion itself. Tax exempt pledges can be made by check payable to Skidaway Audubon, 600 Landings Way South, Savannah, GA 31411. Please put “Skidaway Audubon Pavilion” in the memo line.
If you would like to find out more about supporting this incredible project, contact Cathy Adler at or Blake at

The Farm’s Building a Pavilion!

(for the TLA November Journal)

Skidaway Farms is proud to announce it’s in the final stages of planning for its Skidaway Audubon Pavilion. This open-sided structure will be built in the middle of the Farm …right in Valley Crest Square. Gerry Cowert of Cowert Design Group is lending his many architectural design talents while the physical construction will be handled by volunteers from Habitat for Humanity. Currently, if all schedules hold, construction will take place in January.
It will be wonderful to have a roof for shade, fans to cool off with and drive the gnats away, electrical outlets to power refrigerators or music devices and surveillance cameras that will watch over the entire Farm. Named to honor the incredible support Skidaway Audubon has given the Farm, the pavilion will make all Farm functions that much easier and better. For example, our Farmer Gatherings and Educational Sessions will be much more comfortable under the pavilion!
Farm Chair, Blake Caldwell and Event Coordinator, Cathy Adler have already begun the fundraising for this project. Given the sizable price tag for the building supplies, this fundraising drive must be successful in order for the pavilion to move off the drawing board and into reality. If you would like to find out more about supporting this incredible project, contact Cathy Adler at or Blake at
All contributions will be permanently noted in a plaque within Skidaway Audubon Pavilion by donor and funding category. Tax exempt pledges can be made by check payable to Skidaway Audubon, 600 Landings Way South, Savannah, GA 31411. Please put “Skidaway Audubon Pavilion” in the memo line.
Pumpkins and Bees…
The Farm’s First Fall Festival was an absolute delight! One cool October weekend found kids carving pumpkins and decorating scarecrows while parents and Farmers stuffed themselves with a table-load of homemade goodies…including two scrumptious Sweet Potato pies made with potatoes grown in the Farm! The Farm’s beekeeper, Greg Stewart and his associate, Laura Lu from the Coastal Empire Beekeepers Association held Farmers captive with a fascinating seminar on our European Honey Bees and a hands-on demonstration in how to extract honey from the combs…right there in our parking lot! The raw honey was outstanding and superior to anything bought at the store! And with over 35,000 bees and 50 pounds of honey stored in the Farm’s hives, this was an awesome event for the Farmers.
You can read more about our weekend by visiting Skidaway Farm’s website at

Skidaway Farm’s First Fall Festival

(For the TWATL in Oct.)

The Farm encourages everyone to come to our first annual Skidaway Farms Fall Festival on October 13th and 14th. Farmers, families and folks interested in learning more about our Farm are all welcome!

Saturday’s activities will include a Pumpkin Carving Contest for the children…pumpkins will be provided by the Farm… and a Best-in-Farm Scarecrow Contest for the adults. A pot luck lunch featuring full-fall-fare will be set up for all the Farmers and their guests so pitch in and bring a dish – some fun-finger-food or a flavorful entree or dessert. RSVP event coordinator, Cathy Adler at and let us know what you have in mind so we can supply the right amount of plates and utensils.

The Festival continues on Sunday the 14th with another of our Farmer Education Series. Coastal Georgia Beekeeper’s Association president, Greg Stewart will be at the Farm to talk about our European Honey Bee hives. This event is open to the public and starts at noontime.

On Monday, October 15th, Skidaway Farms will host our first tour for the residents of The Marshes Community. Director of Leisure Services, Susan Snyder coordinated this tour with the Farms’ Governance Committee to showcase what plants grow in the Savannah environment.

Skidaway Farm’s gates are open 7am-8pm every day. Directions are on the Farm’s website at