2014 Children’s Garden Spring

This is what we’ve been waiting for !!


Time to harvest the corn!

harvest the corn


Corn picking is so fun!
Corn picking is so fun!

The corn makes a great hiding place!


Wow! We grew this!


Another fun harvest!!
Whew!!  Another fun harvest!!


The Potato Harvest was CRAZY fun!   🙂

potato harvest

Look at these beauties!
Look at these beauties!

Bath time for the potatoes…


We picked our first tomatoes!  Yippee!  🙂

picking tomatoes

We love beans, too! :)
We love beans, too! 🙂

The beans like to hide!

hide beans

Love those bean mustaches!


The cucumbers like to hide, too!


Break time !  🙂

break timeWe love it when Dad comes to garden with us!  🙂


A bit of play time!
A bit of play time!

Farmer Bud has something to share.

BudWorking together on weed patrol.


Weed patrol! :)
Weed patrol! 🙂

I got all the weeds!!  🙂


I grew these carrots!


My first eggplant!
My first eggplant!

First tomato in my own garden!

first tomato


Garden buddies!
Garden buddies!
A butterfly came to visit!
A butterfly came to visit!

The Garden Team is ready for Action !

garden team

What Fun!  Purple potato harvest!  🙂potaot harvest

"Look at these beauties!!"
“Look at these beauties!!”

Silly potato!!

silly potatoBath time for potatoes  🙂

photo (3)

Wow !! Look at these purple beans 🙂

purple beans

Look at the big worm I found! Happy soil:)
Look at the big worm I found! Happy soil:)

Lettuce and Kale bouquets 🙂

lettuce and kale bouquetsWorking!  Weeding !  Harvesting!


Lots to harvest in the Children’s Garden!

Farmer Paul has some onions to share!  🙂

Farmer paul

Wow! Look at these onions!
Wow! Look at these onions!

Look at this fabulous squash we grew!


We have baby watermelons!  🙂

baby watermelons

We planted some “jewelry” in the garden for summer color.


We love to get the soil on our hands!  🙂

soiled hands


Always good to start the day with a hug!


Have you ever seen an onion mustache?

onion moustache

Squash bug egg patrol!

Squash bug eggs

I call this squash!


Sometimes, accidents happen 🙁


Weed patrol in the together garden 🙂

weed patrol

Weed Patrol !!
Weed Patrol !!
Break time !
Break time !

What a team!  Nice Kale harvest!


Looks pretty good !

pretty good

Farmer Paul helping with a new transplant.

Farmer Paul

Weeding and propping up the eggplant.

propping eggplant

My sunflower is taller than me !!
My sunflower is taller than me !!

Finishing the details in our own gardens, then on to the Together Garden!


The newspaper needs to be moist for our worm bed.


Busy as bees preparing our new home for the worms.

busy worms

Let’s get the worms into their new home!

worm friends

Now for a bit of food for our friends – kitchen scraps !  🙂

kitchen scrpas


Clean up Crew !
Clean up Crew !

Farmer Kevin shared some of his lovely lettuce with us.  Yummy!

farmer Kevin

Time for some silliness !!!!


More silly fun with onion!

silly fun

Time to learn about Farmer Allan’s Worm House!

worm house time

This is Farmer Allan’s worm house…isn’t it cool?

worm boxWe’d better wash up before we handle the lettuce and broccoli.

wash upLook at the beautiful broccoli bouquet!

look at the beautiful broccoliWhat beautiful broccoli.  I call this one!

I call this one

What a team we are!  Now, it’s on to the together garden.

the teamGetting after the weeds in the path…we don’t want them to spread into our garden!

weedsBusy as bees, planting the carrots we thinned.


Great job Farmer Mary!  Now the carrots will have plenty of room to grow big!

great job

Careful! The knife is sharp!
Careful! The knife is sharp!

Wow!  that sunflower we transplanted has really grown!


What a busy day we had…weeding, transplanting and harvesting!

a busy day


Look who came to garden after school!

after school

Look at what I helped to grow!

A proud Farmer
A proud Farmer

A Great Garden Day!

grat day

Some onions will go nicely with that lettuce!


This lettuce is pretty cool!

cool lettuce

Look at the lettuce I grew!

my lettuce

Look at those artichokes!


Time to go see what’s happening around the Farm.

around the Farm


Working together!
Working together!

Let me see…what can I plant in this empty space?

empty space

Re-planting some potatoes…the first one didn’t come up!

replanting potatoes


Let’s get after the weeds while they are still small.


Look!  The tomatoes are blooming!



These onions will go nicely in the salad!

onions for salad

What a yummy salad we’ll have for dinner!

yummy salad

This lettuce is ready for harvest.

lettuce ready for harvest

Another busy day in the garden…re-planting the peanuts.

replanting the peanuts


Love the cleanup part of the day!
Love the cleanup part of the day!


We had to come see how our garden did with all the rain!

Soil prep and raising the rows prevented the small seedlings from drowning!
Soil prep and raising the rows prevented the small seedlings from drowning!
Tips from Farmer Paul
Tips from Farmer Paul

How about some onions to go in that salad?!

onions for salad

Look, Mom! Clean hands!
Look, Mom! Clean hands!

Yummo! Doesn’t this look tasty!


Now for the fun part!  Harvesting lettuce for Easter Dinner!

harvesting lettuce


All went well while Farmer Jane was away for her daughters wedding      🙂

group shot

The happy gardening team!

Let’s see what has sprouted since last week!

what's sprouted

Getting the peas in the ground!

peas in ground

It’s important to read the instructions 🙂


Farmer Paul demonstrates soil prep.

farmer paul



Teamwork in the Children’s Garden!

Getting ready to plant our peanuts !

getting ready

Teamwork gets the job done!


Harvesting the peanuts will be so cool! 🙂

so cool!

Deciding what to plant in our own gardens  🙂

Deciding what to plant

Hard at work making a plan!

making a plan!

It’s very important to have a marker that says what’s planted in case we forget!

marking our plants

Busy as bees! Getting our gardens planted!

busy as bees!

Getting the peas properly spaced! 🙂

spacing out the peas

Look at the cool container the lettuce seeds are in! 🙂

cool container for the lettuce seeds

Tucking in the eggplant !

tucking in eggplant

In goes the Georgia red pepper plant!

red pepper plant

Wow! Look how Charlie and Mary’s garden has grown!

Charlie and Mary's garden

Learning how to thin seedlings!

thinning seedlings

Look! The cabbage is starting to form its head!

cabbage head

Favorite part of the day, playing in the bubbles!

playing in the bubbles

What was your favorite part of the day?

favorite part of the day

Getting started with our day, making a plan! 

getting started

Transplanting some sunflower volunteer sunflowers, every garden needs some jewelry! 🙂

love jewelry

Tuck the sunflowers in tight!

tuck in flowers

We love garden “jewelry “

love jewlery

Planting some of the seedlings we started at home!

black and white

Gotta get our green beans in!

beans in



Gee, these carrot seeds are tiny!

carrot seeds tiny

Tucking our first tomato in!

tucking in 1st tomato

Look! Our potatoes are coming up!

first potato

Farmer Paul has some tips for planting our carrots  🙂

farmer paul

Planting our dwarf sweet corn, can’t wait to see how it does!

planting corn

Having a break before we get our tall corn in!

taking a break

Isn’t this great soil?!

great soil


Early Strawberry harvest at the Farm

The children saw their first bit of harvest this weekend!  Let’s pick that strawberry before the birds get it!

photo (1)

After the ant war, picking first strawberry!

photo (2)

Lining up the peas, almost ready to plant!

photo (5)

Discussion time, what will we plant?

photo (6) - Copy

Adding our soil amendment and fluffing the soil!

photo (7)

Weeding our pathway 🙂
The sand gnats were brutal today 🙁

photo (10)

Preparing our own gardens for spring planting!

photo (12)

Clean up crew!  Great job team!

photo (8)


Finally we get away from the Sand Gnats!

It was a busy day in the together garden, we started with soil prep, very important to have happy, healthy plants!

photo 12

Time to listen to Farmer Paul’s tips on starting seedlings.

photo (1)

Cleaning the turnips before putting in the donation fridge!


Teamwork!  Taking the tops off of the turnips we are donating to Second Harvest!

photo (2)

Last but not least, we gotta get the onion bulbs in!


Making sure the lettuce is properly spaced and tucked in nicely!


Be gentle when getting the  lettuce from the six pack!

photo 6

It was a group effort to get all those potatoes planted!


This young farmer awaits instruction for his first planting adventure!

photo 8

Tucking in the broccoli!

photo 10

Farmer Carol explains how important it is to make sure the potatoes are totally tucked in!

photo 11

It was a busy day! We completed all the planting goals for the first day!  Stay tuned for more garden fun!

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