2013 Children’s Garden Spring

“Come on In!!  The water’s fine!”

In spite of the very cool temperature… and puddles galore … our young Farmers took to their chores with gusto … and with smiling attitudes that would help any Farmer get through a muddy day of farm work.

Farmer Paul’s ankle-deep in the special garden plot.
“Mom told me not to get my feet wet!”
Never mind the puddle…there’s work to do!
Wet soil makes for a great spot to get new seeds growing!
And all that rain makes the weeds grow too!

Over in the together garden, there was harvesting to do… with lots of carrots and onions ready for picking!

“Look at these big ones!”
Nice work !
Checking the onions to see which ones are ready…
“How about this one, Farmer Jane?”
“These carrots will be perfect for dinner!”

Of course, some Farmers just can’t wait to eat an onion fresh out of the ground!


And don’t forget about the lettuce that’s ready too… all this wet weather makes the lettuce plants very happy!

While some of the kiddos checked on their special gardens,  others decided to add some more seeds to their plots.

Her squash is getting bigger every day!


“Those tall corn stalks start out like this”
Farmer Paul shares his seed planting know-how…

Meanwhile, Farmer Jane has big plans for more “jewelry”in the together garden…

Planning out where to grow those summer flowers…
Careful with these tiny seeds…

All-in-all, it was a very good day in the chilly, wet Farm… a good time was had by all our young Farmers… and Farmer Jane too!

Proud of her “babies”!!
The happy crew!

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We Have Ladybugs!

It was a day of discovery in the Children’s Garden…ladybugs and snails….and rolly-polly bugs galore!

I found a Ladybug hiding in the Dill!
Snails use antennae to find things to eat…

Over in the special gardens, some of the kiddos set in their plants and seeds…

Let’s get started!
Fluffing the soil for his carrot seeds…

Zucchini seedlings  and tomato plants needed to be checked to make sure they were happy one week after being planted … while sunflower “volunteers” from the Farm’s flower beds found their way into new digs in the children’s special plots.

Look! We have little tomatoes already!
Her zucchini is looking good!
Treat the little roots with great care!

Farmer Paul is our resident expert on planting seed tape for carrots…

Listening to an expert is how to learn the fastest!
Tamping the soil just like you showed me…

And, of course, there’s always room for a potato or two in the kiddos special gardens…

Dreaming of those french fries we can make with these!

There were radishes to pick from Farmer Paul’s plot….and carrots too!  And weeding to tend to…the forever task every Farmer has to do!

The Radish harvest for the day!
This young Farmer knows how to keep things tidy!
Getting rid of those pesky weeds…

With their special gardens all planted…the kiddos left the Farm feeling mighty proud of their accomplishments… and looking forward to a bountiful spring harvest of veggies and sunflowers!

Today’s the Day for Their Special Gardens!

Thanks to Farmer Paul’s hard work over the winter, each of our young Farmers will have a little garden space they can call their very own this spring!  These eight sq. ft. plots have been waiting patiently for the kiddos to return to the Farm from their spring vacations… and today was the day to get these precious plots planted!

Using Farmer Paul’s trick to planting carrot seed tape…

A perfect day to plant turnips in his special garden…

And our youngest Farmer got right down to planting her very own tomato just the way Farmer Jane told her to.

This tomato will have a good life in her plot!
Zucchini plants were planted as well as corn seeds and peppers…
Over in the togethergarden, Farmer Carol made sure that everyone checked out how much the lettuce and carrots had grown in just one week!

These carrots are ready to be picked today!

While Farmer Jane explained how the warm weather has helped the pole beans grow…

“You did a good job with these bean seeds!

One last job to do … plant those cucumber seeds so they can begin to grow in this fine Savannah spring weather!

First you turn the fertilizer into the soil…

…then it takes a team effort – “You work the soil…I’ll plant the seeds”
The kiddos appreciated the seedlings that they shared with each other…and all the work that everyone did…

Enough seedlings for each of the kiddos…

A special “Thank you” to Farmer Paul ended this wonderful day at the Farm…

“I’m going to grow up and be a big Farmer just like you!”

See y’all next week!

Starting a New Season…

Farmer Jane… and her dedicated helpers, Farmers Paul and Carol… welcomed back the youngest Farmers on Skidaway this past weekend.  With the original four plots all set to go, and the new plots in Section D primed and ready for action, Farmer Jane’s crew was excited to begin the Spring planting at the Farm.

Farmer Paul readies the potatoes for the Children

The children got right to work burying the potato sets into the soil.

Showing Mom how to do it!

All of the Children who started last year have come back to learn about farming the warm climate plants… they are now old hands at tending and weeding and composting… skills they’ll put to good use throughout the season!

Planting lettuce requires concentration!

And these kiddos were joined by our newest young Farmer… who jumped right in and started planting onions!

Tucking in the onions…

Then she got to work planting seeds for Pole beans under the trellis that will support the vines…

Our new Farmer takes care of the bean seeds…

With all the planting done, there was still time to harvest a few onions that had “wintered-over” … a nice surprise!

“I love picking stuff!”
First harvest for our new Farmer!

Then Farmer Paul took the Children over to the new garden he had designed for them this winter… two more plots in Section D… set aside just for the kiddos to plant and grow their own little garden spaces!

Farmer Paul talks garden planning with the kiddos.

It was the perfect morning to start off the Spring season in the Children’s Garden …. just before the rain began!  And with all their work done, the Children has one more chore to do… wash up!

All in a day’s work!


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