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Minutes – June 15 2016 Skidaway Farms Board Meeting

Minutes – Skidaway Farms, Inc. Board Meeting
Wednesday June 15, 5:00 pm Skidaway Audubon Pavilion

Present: Mike Welsh, Jane Kollman, Cathy Adler, Ralph Hinz, Monica Hughes, Bob Rogers
Absent: Joe Tyson
Other Attendees: Rick Cunningham

1. Meeting minutes of 5-21-2016 approved, motion by JK, second by CA, unanimously approved.

2. Budget presented by Cathy Adler, discussed, approved unanimously, budget will be posted on website.

3. Finance report per Bob Rogers:
a) YTD $12,350 in plot rental income, $ 1,600 to be collected for remainder of year.
b) $17,143 in checking account, $11,257 in asset replacement account

4. Website update: Monica Hughes currently in training with Rick Cunningham to take over website duties/postings

5. Herb Garden: will cover to solarize in coming weeks as it is too late for planting. Will form a work party in fall to prepare for planting.

6. Fall Festival : discussion re potential for Fall Festival, determined early October would be a good time. Will further discuss at next meeting.

7. Maintenance:
a) entrance road definitely needs improvement/ repair, Jane to check on leftover road finds near dog park. Ralph to look into cost for rental of heavy equipment needed to do the job. Addendum : leftover material near dog park not suitable, Ralph to contact a friend that might lead us in right direction

b) discussion continues on best/ most cost effective way to handle the drainage issues in wet areas of the farm.

c) dead tree cleanup on west side of fence line , Ralph and Jane to discuss in morning. Decided after viewing the area safety of workers would be a concern (potential for snakes). Will revisit in winter when this is not an issue. Jane will obtain an estimate on cost for the work from landscape fella who cares for the farm, and to see if this is a job that his crew can handle.

d) myrtle bushes along roadway to rear of farm need to be trimmed, discussion regarding best way to get this large project done. Jane will speak with landscape fella to determine if this is something his crew could handle and if so obtain estimate.

e) relocation of hose bibs in center of walkways making passage of carts and wheelbarrows difficult. Ralph will check with plumber re cost.

f) pressure washing of tables and benches : Jane will schedule power wash of pavilion for fall and have these done at the same time.

g) Bethesda Barnbuilders consulted to make a shelter for Polly Pots at the Children’s Garden. This would be to protect/ preserve her paint job which had to be redone after last summer, only one season.

Note: These minutes are subject to approval at the next board meeting

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting Wednesday July 13, 5:00 pm at the farm

Minutes – May 21 2016 – Skidaway Farms Board

Minutes – Skidaway Farms, Inc. Board Meeting
Saturday May 21, 4:00 Skidaway Audubon Pavilion

Board Members: Present: Mike Welsh, Jane Kollman Absent: Ralph Hinz
Other Attendees: Bob Rogers, Monica Hughes (new board members)

  1. Treasurer Bob Rogers reported financial status:
  • Checking account : $17,711.40
    • Last year’s expenses $17,776 – Business expenditures $3717, Farm maintenance $8230, Gardening expenses (children’s garden,  farm beautification, etc.) $1795, Utilities (dumpster, electricity, port-de-let) $4034
  • Asset replacement account: $11,257.74
  1. The online election for the four new members of the Board of Directors is complete. Terms for new board members Cathy Adler, Joe Tyson, Monica Hughes, and Bob Rogers commence as of May 21, 2016. They now join Mike Welsh, Jane Kollman, and Ralph Hinz to complete the 7 member board. The following are the terms for each member:

    Cathy Adler–3 years
    Joe Tyson–3 years
    Jane Kollmann–3 years
    Mike Welsh–2 years
    Monica Hughes–2 years
    Ralph Hinz–1 year
    Bob Rogers–1 year

  1. The need for various updates to the website was discussed and Monica Hughes volunteered to begin to reorganize and update all the data on the site. Rick Cunningham will be assisting with a complete website renovation to simplify maintenance, updating and posting. Some new items include:
  • Plot renewal on hold until September ( not good time for planting success)
  • Set up monthly information for farmers pertinent to the garden condition regarding pests, disease, watering etc.

Next meeting Wednesday June 15, 5:00 at the farm

Minutes – April 16 2016 – Skidaway Farms Board

Minutes – Skidaway Farms, Inc. Board Meeting
April 16, 2016 5:00 Skidaway Audubon Pavilion

Board Members: Present: Mike Welsh, Jane Kollman Absent: Ralph Hinz
Other Attendees: Bob Rogers, Cathy Adler, Joe Tyson, Monica Hughes, Rick Cunningham Discussion

  1. Farmer Survey preliminary results
    a: Monica to summarize/categorize farmer requests/ suggestions from survey
    b: Jane to reach out to TLA re farm entrance road repair
  2. Festival April 24 – planning continued, work groups assigned
  3. Website Update
    a: copy of Skidaway Farm Inc. Articles to be posted on website
    b: Rick to set up election online for new board members
    c: Rules committee formed – Monica and Cathy to review farm rules for board approval, then posting to website.
  4. Financial report – Bob Rogers:
    Reserve Account : $ 11,200—-Checking Account : $15,500 – will coordinate analysis of prior years’  expenditures and review budget with Cathy Adler
    Dumpster update : farm has contract with Waste Management until Dec., will
    switch to Atlantic Waste for savings at that time.

Next meeting—–May 21, 4:00 at the farm

Gravel Paths Refresh – They Moved 19 Tons!

How about those new paths? Jane Kollman and Kevin Smith pitched in to help Ralph Hinz deal with distributing, smoothing, and tamping down another load of gravel to keep things neat at the farm. But they couldn’t have done it without the generous assistance of TLA Public Works and Sean Burgess who arranged to lend us their small front-loader along their expert operator Construction Specialist Jascend Helvey.



IMG_4528IMG_4491 IMG_4498





IMG_4494 IMG_4529IMG_4505 IMG_4527

Freezing Temps early morning Jan 19!!

It’s been fun while it lasted, but the weather’s finally getting down to being WINTER!

Tonight the temperature out at the farm is predicted to fall well below freezing, with a low of 26 degrees at about 7:00 am Tuesday expected. If you have a drip system, you need to remove your timer and open up your filter to dump the water so there’s no freeze damage. Be sure to disconnect any hoses or other watering equipment that might be harmed by a freeze. Ralph Hinz will turn off the irrigation system and the pump, and will partially drain the hosebib system. He’ll return it to service once the weather is back to “normal”.

And if you have any late fall plantings that are still holding on you might want to harvest them unless you’re sure they can survive a hard freeze.

Happy Farming!

PS The Farm Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday the 30th will be held at 4:00 in the small conference room at The Landings Club Operations Office, 71 Green Island Road.

Pre-Order compost and sets – Deadline is Jan 31!!

Reid Archer of Victory Gardens is once again offering compost and seedling sets, but you have to hurry to get your order in before January 31!

Here’s his email to Jane:

I wanted to reach out to you to organize the plan for this year’s soil drop off and seedling sales. This year, we’re offering bulk prices for pre-orders on seedlings and potato seeds. You’ll also find a section for fertilizer and soil mix on the pre-order form. People can download the form, fill it out, and send them along with a check to:

Victory Gardens
2408 E. 40th St.
Savannah, GA 31404

Skidaway Farms Spring 2016 Pre-Order Form – Plants

More information:

Bulk seedling orders. I’ve attached a pre-order form which you all can fill out. Our deadline for bulk pre-orders is January 31st but I can have the cool weather seedlings ready earlier if you order sooner.
Organic Planting Mix: This year I would like to recommend switching from the Compost product to Longwood Plantation’s Organic Planting Mix. It’s a much more complete product as it contains the same great compost that we all love but with the added ingredients that give it more structure which is a better all-around growing medium. Also, given Mike’s requirements of purchasing a full load, it’s better for my own business to purchase the planting mix since we can easily use the remaining unsold soil mix in our own garden projects.

Questions? email or Call Jane Kollman<> <> 918-697-5494

Or call Reid Directly!

Reid Archer
Victory Gardens
Ecological and Abundant Spaces
c. 912.303.7277
o. 912.509.0709