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Minutes – July 13, 2016 – Skidaway Farms Board Meeting

Minutes – Skidaway Farms, Inc. Board Meeting
Wednesday June 15, 5:00 pm Skidaway Audubon Pavilion

Present: Jane Kollman, Cathy Adler, Ralph Hinz, Bob Rogers
Absent: Joe Tyson, Monica Hughes
Other Attendees: Rick Cunningham

  1. Meeting minutes of 6/15/16 meeting approved.  Motion by BR, seconded by RH, unanimously approved.
  2. Entrance road improvements to be done by TLA.  Work to begin 7/26 and 7/27.
  3. Fall festival update.  Pot luck discussed rather than imposing on the club.  9/25 the only date Joe is available.  Further discussion needed.
  4. Weed notices sent by Jane.  Plot cleanup and solarization in progress.
  5. Ralph reported possible drainage solution for east side of farm.  No action at this time as there are currently lots available for rental.  Further discussion as more plots are needed.
  6. East/west green belt clean-up to be done in near future by Jones Coastal Landscaper.
  7. Irrigation issues with present controller discussed.  Motion to purchase new controller by Cathy Adler, seconded by Jane Kollman if Ralph deems necessary.  Addendum: original controller installed and programmed by Ralph.
  8. Finance report: expenses and income YTD fairly balanced.  Dumpster service to be increased to twice weekly for a few months to handle increased refuse due to plot clean-up.  Budget to be posted.
  9. Monica’s transition to webmaster in progress.
  10. Next meeting:  September 14th at the Farm.

Motion to adjourn: JK, seconded, CA.

Entry Road Repair

After many bumpy rides to get to Skidaway Farms, the entry road was smoothed out, potholes filled and drainage problems solved.  The Landings Association, responsible for the road’s maintenance, repaired it once the board brought it to their attention.  Hooray! Just in time for our fall planting activity.Entry resurface 2Entry resurface 6 copy