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Board Meeting Minutes January 22, 2019

Present:  M Kahn, J Kollmann, L Dillard, R Dillard, R Hinz, M Hughes
Absent: J Tyson, C Adler

1) Irrigation update:
Hose bibs have been relocated from center of pathways to the edge to better accommodate wheelbarrows and carts safely, cost, $850.  New irrigation installed in wildflower beds at both north and south ends of the farm.  Will benefit both the existing pollinator bed and will help to establish the new pollinator bed at the south end of the farm.  Cost, $1500, Jane will write a Landlovers grant request to cover the cost

2) Marketing Activity: Report from L Dillard, Marketing Director

A) Farm brochure updated, membership form on the back of brochure and new sign bracket attached to the fence at Farms front gate.  
B) Articles written for upcoming issues of the Twatl and the Skinnie
C) Monthly mailing to Our Club New Members List
D) Articles with photos to these groups: Oakridge, South and North Landings, South Harbor Neighbors websites.  
E) Real Estate Office no longer includes farm brochures in information packets, will get brochures to Tonnie Glick to include in her welcome packet.  

3) Depreciation Schedule for Farm Assets:
Schedule discussed per Board and revised to:
Pavilion/25yr, Irrigation system/15 yr, Raised beds/10yr, 
Fence/10yr.  Motion to approve per J Kollmann, second per L Dillard, unanimously approved.

4) Procedure for authorization of emergency expense:
Board proposed to do an authorizing vote via email in such situations, must have a quorum for approval.  This will occur on amounts over $250.  Motion to approve per J Kollmann, second per M Hughes, unanimously approved.

5) Financial Statement, delinquent account review per R Dillard:
Finances reviewed, revealing farm needs increased income, ie more farmers, fundraising to increase revenue. Discussion on how to proceed. Marketing the farm, and potential raffle or silent auction at Spring Festival.
Delinquent accounts: a last communication will be sent to the farmer with outstanding rent due stating they have one week to rectify the situation and if they haven’t done so their rental will be terminated.    

6) High yield savings account:
Discussion re best option to improve return on monies in Asset Replacement Account.
R Dillard has researched on “Best Business Savings Account Rates in 2019” website.
Motion to open 6month CD account with Live Oak Bank per L Dillard, second per J Kollmann, unanimously approved.

7) Annual Budget Review and Approval:

Budget discussion set for next meeting, 2/21/19 to prepare and approve a budget for presentation at the Annual Meeting in March 2019.
Also need to select nominating committee to prepare for upcoming elections for Board Members whose terms will be expiring this year.

8) Farm Rule and Regulation Review/ amendments

Bylaws page 2 section “3.03, number and election of Directors:
Number of Directors shall be seven, should be changed to maximum of Directors shall be nine.  
Also, to make clear expenditure limit:
In Bylaws, page two, section “3.01” : Duties of Directors:
Board of Directors limited to a sum of $250 that can be spent on behalf of the Farm without the approval of the majority of the entire Board. 
Monica and Ron will update the website with the changes.

9) New Farmer Class will be held on 2/17 at 1:00, Monica will send blast to Farmers

10) Compost Delivery set for 2/13/19, Monica will send blast to Farmers

11) Spring Festival:
Set for May 5, 2019, Discussion per options for catering the event.  L Dillard will look into options for catering.

Next meeting 2/21/19 at 4:00

Motion to adjourn per J Kollmann, second per L Dillard

Farm Board Meeting Minutes, 12/12/2018

Minutes for Farm Board Meeting, December 12, 2018

Present: Mike Kahn, Jane Kollman, Ron Dillard, Ralph Hinz, Monica Hughes
Absent: Joe Tyson, Cathy Adler, Linny Dillard

Ron has been working at finding adequate insurance coverage for the farm.  He will contact Clark Lane at Remer Lane Insurance who wrote our previous policy which lapsed in 2015. He will report back to the board via e-mail the specific coverages and price for the board to approve by e-mail vote.  Hoping to get wind and hail coverage and coverage for pumps, pavilion and electric fence.

Ron presented our balance sheet as of 11/30 and once again there was concern about our depreciation vs our revenue.  The farm needs more revenue to adequately ensure replacement costs will be funded.  Ron will readjust our depreciation schedule to more realistically reflect our needs but the need to rent more plots is a reality to keep the farm sustainable.

Amendment to By-Laws:
Mike Kahn made a motion to amend Skidaway Farm’s Bylaws to increase the maximum number of directors to nine from seven. Motion was seconded by Jane Kollman and passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Jane Kollman to nominate Ron Dillard to the Board of Directors.  Seconded by Ralph Hinz, passed unanimously.

The board accepted Linny Dillard’s resignation as treasurer and appointed Ron Dillard as treasurer.  Linny will serve as marketing director.

Terms of Office:
Discussion re directors terms:

Member Expiration
Joe tyson 2019
Cathy Adler 2019
Jane Kollman 2019

Mike Kahn 2020
Ron Dillard 2020

Ralph Hinz 2021
Linny Dillard 2021
Monica Hughes 2021

Two irrigation matters were presented by Jane and Ralph:
1. Need to remove the hose bibs that are in the paths to a more protected place as they continue to be damaged and are a hazard to farmers.  An estimate to do the work was $850.
Ron Dillard made a motion to proceed with the work, Mike Kahn seconded and passed unanimously.
2. Wild flower beds need source of water.  There are four flower beds, two at each end of the farm which require a watering system to be put in place. This was estimated to cost $1350.  Jane will write a grant to Landlovers in January to help defray this cost and the board will revisit this issue in the new year.

Monica will send a blast to farmers of raised beds to protect their timers from freeze when temperatures drop.

Defibrillator donation
A donation was made by a group named SLICK,” Saving lives in Chatham County “, represented by Carol Naser .    They are donating  an IED/ defibrillator, free of charge, which will be placed in the Pavilion.  They will also conduct a tutorial for the farmers on the use of it.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15
Next meeting: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at Club small board room.

Farm Board Minutes November 14, 2018

Present: Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Linny Dillard, Ron Dillard,   Ralph Hinz, Monica Hughes 

Absent: Joe Tyson, Cathy Adler

Treasurer’s  Report: Ron presented board members with updated docs: revised annual budget, balance sheet (including depreciation of assets), A/R aging summary which included farm plots that were in arrears, and a revised plot rental form . All of our financial documents and accounting are now in outstanding order.

A motion was made by M. Kahn and seconded by J. Kollman, passed unanimously to approve our new treasurer to have internet access to the farm bank account at South State Bank.

Marketing Report: Linny presented a visual plot plan that showed our farm and the plots that were vacant, currently farmed and grassed over.  61% of our plots are rented and 85 plots unused, some of these grassed in and a majority in the organic section. Linny will execute a plan to market the farm in the hopes of gaining new farmers and renting more plots.

Weather Link: Ralph reported on the status of our new weather station which has been installed, minus the soil monitor and soil temperature monitor which he will install soon.  It was decided to begin with one monitor which will be installed at the front west side flower garden.  The weather station updates every 5 minutes and contains twenty different items.  To get the free app: weatherlink2, to view all data:, user id: rhmaint, password: 3dogs1cat  The farm’s website also has a link on the left hand side of the opening page to the weather station.

Communication:  Monica will send a blast to Farmers re new billing process which will now be done by e-mail and new policy which will require farmers to volunteer  two hours every six months  for  general maintenance of farm. Notice of a work party to be scheduled on Saturday, December 1 at noon. She will also revise farm rules to include the newly required  volunteer hours.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm.

Minutes approved by Kahn, Kollman, Dillard and Hughes

Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 12 at 5pm.

Board Meeting Minutes October 10, 2018

Present: M Kahn, J Tyson, R Hinz, J Kollman (via skype), L Dillard, R Dillard, M Hughes, B Caldwell, R Cunningham
Absent: C Adler

1. Weather Station: Blake, Rick and Ralph presented information re the new weather station which will be installed at the Farm the end of this month.  This will provide soil temperature, humidity, moisture level and wind speed information wirelessly through a battery and solar powered system.  The data  will be available through Weather Underground for anyone to access.  The funds for this were provided by Audubon.

2. Computer Programs and Software: Ron reported that the farm computer has quick books, excel, word, and adobe reader. The budget and financials, all accounting is organized on quick books, the plot map is newly maintained        on excel which will keep current who is farming and on which plots.  The information is backed up frequently.  The Dillards have spent hours searching through information to organize all of this on the farm’s computer.
Software currently used by the Farm is Word Press to maintain the farm’s website, Civi CRM and Drupal which are used to maintain membership lists, event planning and payment, mailings etc. This software has multiple uses that are not currently being used and it was decided that Dillards, Caldwell and Cunningham will meet to explore these options further. Rick will also create a spreadsheet with the farmer’s information for Ron to use for plot renewal purposes.  Currently Rick, Blake and Monica are authorized to use CiviCRM but new access will be determined and who is doing what decided.

3. Budget and Bank Accounts: Ron will review budgets of past 5 years to determine a proposed budget for 2018. A motion was made to reduce dollars in the checking account and to establish two savings accounts, an asset replacement account and the other a savings account to provide a more interest positive method for our monies. Dillard proposed, motion seconded by Kahn, motion carried.

4. Plot rentals renewals are being e-mailed as of now and will be in the future.  Motion was made by Hughes to stipulate that all farmers put in two volunteer hours per 6 month period at the farm. Discussion followed. Dillard seconded, motion carried.  Monica will send blast when renewal forms and new farmer forms are edited to reflect this.  Also blast that rental renewals will be sent by e-mail.

5. New Forms for use at the Farm to better organize information were created by Ron: accounts payable disbursement voucher, invoice receipt form, plot rental form.  He also had a draft 2018 annual budget and a balance sheet that he had put together using the information he received from Bob Rogers.  

5. History: Our new president needs to get the historical information and documents from Cathy.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30.

Next meeting set for Wednesday, November 14th at 5:00 pm at the Club board room.

Board Meeting September 19, 2018

  • Present: M Kahn, J Kollmann, M Hughes, R Hinz, J Tyson, C Adler, L Dillard

1)  Finance report per B Rogers, outgoing Treasurer:
    Checking Account, $ 11,836.19, Asset Replacement Account,                $19,286.29

a) L Dillard was officially installed as new treasurer for the farm with a motion by J Kollmann, seconded,  C Adler.
Unanimously approved.

b) M Kahn was officially installed as President of the farm board with a motion by M Hughes and seconded by J Kollmann.
Unanimously approved.

2) Welcome to our two new bee hives! Hopefully they will stay healthy and our crops will do well with their presence.

3) Weather station for the farm has been approved by Skidaway Audubon.  They will fund installation and operating  costs.  This will be installed by R Hinz.

4) Pathways are in need of new  pine straw, a cost of around $500 approved per the Board.  A work party will be scheduled for mid to late October for distribution on the pathways.

5) Work party set for Saturday, 9/22, 8-11.  Discussion ensued to look at finances and increase maintenance budget to have more of the cleanup work done by the team that currently takes care of mowing, weed control on pathways and plot clearing as needed.

6) Signs will be obtained by R Hinz for fence line  reminding farmers not to throw debris over the fence.  It gets caught on the electric fence wire causing it to short out.  

7) Tractor needs repair, new seat has been installed, and fuel pump is on order reported by R Hinz.

8) Need to update Data Base and Farm Map.  C Adler to email R Cunningham and B  to meet with the Board to accomplish this.  

Motion to adjourn per J Kollmann, second per M Kahn

Next meeting, 10/10, 5pm @ the board room at club offices.


Farm Annual Meeting Minutes 6/13/18

  Present: J Kollmann, M Welsh, C Adler, M Kahn, B Rogers
                  Absent: J Tyson, M Hughes

1) Slate of candidates proposed for Board vote are:
Monica Hughes, Bob Rogers, Linda Dillard
Motion to accept slate of candidates per M Welsh, second per M Kahn,  unanimously approved per board and attending farmers. Due to inclement weather and low Farmer turnout at the meeting an online vote will be set up per R Cunningham.

2) Approval of new Officers on the board to be deferred until next meeting, 7/11/18, pending the voting and decision of the nominating committee.  Motion to do so per C Adler, second per M Welsh.

3)  a. Budget approval per motion C Adler, 2nd per M Welsh, unanimously approved. After discussion, motion to amend budget per C Adler, to include $800 in donations to Children’s Garden and bring bottom line to $3,600,second perJ Kollmann.

  b.  Motion per C Adler to move budget surplus to Asset Replacement Account, second per M Welsh, unanimously approved per board.

  c.  Discussion to add monies in budget for a weather station pending funding sources for WiFi connection and equipment.

4) Irrigation update per R Hinz: hose bibs are aging as pvc is becoming more brittle causing an increase in number of leaks.  Ralph will obtain estimate cost to replace the aging hose bibs.  

5)  Electric fence has been operating properly and is at full power.  Ralph replaced the aging box that housed the fence timer unit.

6)  Final profit from Spring Festival:  $1,483.73
Current Checking Account Balance: $19,025.01
Current Asset Replacement Account Balance: $16,269.48

7) Welcome Linda Dillard who has offered to serve on the board.  She will will be on the slate for the upcoming vote/election.

8) Weeds are bountiful!  Keep on weeding!

Motion to adjourn per M Kahn, second per J Kollmann

Next meeting 7/11/18 5pm @ the Farm

Minutes approved by J Kollman, M Welch, C Adler