Farm Board Meeting Minutes April 4, 2018


Board Meeting Minutes April 4, 2018

Present:  M Welsh, J Kollmann,  C Adler,  B Rogers, M Hughes, R Hinz

Absent: J Tyson, M Kahn

1) Final Planning for Festival on 5/6
 A) Tom Rosen reports menu is determined and work teams are assigned
 B) table and chairs to b delivered 5/5 after Garden Tour
 C) blast to be sent for setup work party the morning of 5/6
 D) will determine supplies needed

2) Repeat Blast to remind farmers of work party on 4/7

3) Skidaway Farms to be on Green Thumb Garden Tour on 5/5 from 10- 3

4) The farm will not participate in the Rotary Festival this year.  Mike will notify Rotary President.

5) Generous donation received from the Landings Garden Club for the Children’s Garden.  Thank you to be sent and will send email updates to Club President.

Next Meeting: 5/2/18 @ 5pm @ the Farm.

Meeting adjourned, motion per JK second per MW