Summertime Garden Tips

Summertime tips for garden success:

Be vigilant, the army worms and other pests are about!
They can be treated with BT available at Hester and Zipperer, or Captain Jacks Bug Juice available at Herb Creek. Both need to be reapplied after rain/ watering.  Neem oil is a good organic alternative.

To those who have sweet corn, the first farmer has been robbed by the squirrels! If your corn looks ready, pick it otherwise the squirrels will!

As always, keep your garden free of weeds and diseased debris, this can be a breeding ground for pests and more disease.

Lastly, feed your plants as needed. Frequent watering causes the nutrients to leech through the soil.

Farmer Jane


Pre school visit to the Farm May 1st.

On May 1st we had 26 visitors from the Presbyterian Preschool Program. A fun garden discovery tour with Farmers Jane, Carol and Jill was the first order of business! Following the tour a picnic in the pavilion 😊. To top off the field trip, the children potted a plant to give to Moms for Mothers Day. A good time was had by all!


Skidaway Farms Budget 2017 – 2018


     Rentals:                $14,000

     Donations:                1500

      Cleanup Fees          1500

      Children’s Fees        200

      Total income:     $17,200


     Donations:                 $100

      Business:                    1500

      Children:                       500


         Farm Supplies:    $1000

         Irrigation:                    500

         Maintenance:         3200

         Plot Cleanup           2500

         Roads/Paths               600

         Weed control             800

          Electric Fence            700


           Dumpster                  1800

           Electric                           750

            Toilets                            800

TOTAL EXPENSES:              $14,750

SURPLUS:                                $2450



APRIL 12, 2017.



Keeping our gardens clean!


Our shed is cleaned up and looks downright spiffy.  Let’s keep it that way.  It is so important to clean any tools thoroughly with water before returning to the shed to prevent nematodes and germs from spreading to gardens.  We appreciate your help with this!


Growing Sustainable Gardens And Community